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February 26, 2012

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Only got an hour?

August 17, 2011

Here is a quick workout that is good to do if time is an issue. It focuses on being able to repeat hard efforts over and over again. It also builds leg power and anaerobic capacity.

Warm up: 15-20mins

Alternate 10 time (30mins)

1min Hard @ 120-135% max threshold power, begin effort by pushing over a big gear

2mins easy at 60% threshold power.

Cool down as needed

Just another interesting article:

August 10, 2011

For all those cyclist out there, remember Bio-pace or the odd chain rings that some of the pro’s use? I know I personally have been curious about the elliptical chain ring idea. Here is an interesting article about them.

elliptical chainring article

Ride hard,

Coach Jordan

Some thoughts on the tour…

July 27, 2011

The 2011 Tour De France is now in the books and what a spectacle it was. It has been a long time since there was a tour as exciting and enthralling as the 2011 edition. Evans wore yellow on the last day, but there is not better day to wear yellow than the last day. I watched to the tour daily and was on the edge of my seat for most of the 3403.5K. 

Evans finally showed what persistence and hard-work finally does. I have been following Evans ever since he was a mountain biker many may years ago. I recently saw an old picture of him that even when I got in to the sport, my bike was more advanced then his. It was an apollo aluminum hard tail frame with a Judy TT fork. Evans in both man and machine are vastly different from this image captured years ago. 

I learned 3 things that I hope to point out:

1) Don’t classify your self as a certain type of rider. Evans was a great all rounder in this years Tour. He was able to climb, time trial, and plan his way to victory. While most of us will hardly ever do a 21 day stage race, there is some merit to doing everything well. Even in a one day race, the terrain, conditions, other riders may make you have to address your weakness. For instance, if  you “aren’t a time trialist” what will you do when you have to bridge a gap in a road race or criterium? This same logic could also be played out during a road race with one big climb in it. Address your weakness, after all if Andy Schleck had won the tour, this would be a very different article. 

2) Be Courageous. Cyclist, runners, everyone could take a lesson as how Evans grabbed the race by its horn and did what he had to do to win the race. For two days in a row, he sat on the front of the race and did the work. He pulled and said to himself, I have to get this done. Evans never quit and had the courage to keep riding hard to the last pedal stroke of the time trial. 

3) While we all focus on this seasons, or maybe next weeks races; sometimes you need to plan for the future. No one ever suspected that a kid named Cadel Evans would possibly win the Tour De France. He went around the mountain bike circuit riding his bike. It was only in the past few years his name was ever talked with being one of the greats. Year over Year, mile after mile built up in Cadel’s legs to bring him the yellow jersey. 

While you can hash out the tactics from the day to day flow of the tour, these three things really stood above for me. 

Vive Le Tour!!!

Ride hard

Coach Jordan

Cyclist, Triathletes, bike lovers

June 12, 2011

Lend me your computer for 2 minutes to help for the cause! Follow the link below to tell your congress that we love bikes. If you have any part to do with in cycling, taking this time is what will help all of us.

People For Bikes

The real reason I do this…

May 13, 2011

Coaching people and helping them achieve their athletic goals is amazing. I have a blast seeing people set a goal and make the best effort they can to reach that goal.

But there is a much bigger picture that perhaps doesn’t always show through Achieve Coaching’s presence. Ultimately I am most motivated to keep people living a healthy lifestyle. It just so happens that the expression through this business is by endurance athletics and chasing athletic excellence.

I had a very unfortunate event on thursday. While riding with my friend, I came across a gentleman who had a cardiac event and passed away in Umstead park. My friend and I were the first ones on the scene and called 911 for help. Luckily two other cyclist soon came and help in efforts of CPR. The story is a sad one though. The gentleman turned out to be the ice care taker for the Canes hockey team and many people will remorse that through all the efforts of everyone involved, we were unable to revive him.

I really want to take a moment remember that exercise is more than competing, winning a race, or having bragging rights over your body in your weekly training route. Achieve Coaching ultimately wants to infect people with a life long passion for fitness. Cycling, swimming, tri’s, running, adventure racing, and so on are the tools by which I use. It is the ultimate goal to keep you moving and giving you a reason to fight against the nations problem of heart disease, obesity and more.

Instead of ride hard as the closing mark of the post, today is a bit different.

Fitness for better health, what ever mode that may be.

Coach Jordan

Achieve coaching proudly presents:

May 11, 2011

Exciting News!!!

Achieve Coaching is proud to have helped by donating $100 to the cause!

Achieve Coaching is proudly working with Bryan to help him achieve his goal! Look at Bryan’s page here

Also the team he is going to do the ride with is here

Thank you to Bryan and his team in the cause!

Coach Jordan

A preview of some upcoming post.

April 16, 2011

I would like to just give a quick preview on some upcoming topics. If you feel you would like to see other things, let me know! Also if I start taking to long to post, start bugging me about it…

If you are a runner or triathlete, feel free to read between the lines, though I use cycling as a heavy tool for examples, often times simply replacing biking or cycling with your sport has about the same effect. Us endurance athletes all have the same principles to work off of.

-My take on nutrition and how I am managing a diet for cycling performance

-Supplementation for everyone

-What to do when your not sure about what to do for a workout.

-Cycling specific drills for everyone (from novices to even long time riders)

-Are you having fun while training?

So these are some things to come, I am going to try and get these topics covered in the next 2 to 3 weeks. (to help make up for half a month of not posting!!)

Testing continued

April 16, 2011

Sorry about that little intermission, back to the regular schedule program…

The rest of the testing is as follows:

20min power = 355 up from 340! (4.4%)

Aerobic test = 240W @ 1st 45min HR = 164, 2nd 45min HR = 167 /// % difference = 1.7

Repeatability = 4 times, last year = 4 times.

So overall I saw gains across the board or had acceptable scores in the testing. This is even more significant because the test numbers I am comparing against were at the end of a moderate season of summer riding. These recent round of numbers are from a base season coming from winter.

So what did I do to create this success? I focused on three things. 1) building aerobic capacity aka. base training. I focused on getting a proper base and consistent days on the bike. 2) building muscle strength and endurance. This was accomplished by trying to get into the weight room on at least a once a week basis. 3) to build my ability to have a stronger threshold wattage. This goal was accomplished in two ways. One I used some higher end work once a week to maintain a higher VO2 through out the winter season. Two, I also used more steady state intervals once a week. Recent research has shown these intervals to be effective like threshold work, but with out the damaging effects of a full threshold workout.

But There is something still a miss. While there isn’t a true test for this one thing I know I am lacking, I do know it from riding season after season. The other day I was out on a 4 hour ride. I did well during the ride with some 15-20min hard efforts, but was a little week on the final hill climb. I know my stamina is down to other years to be able to still burst hard after even 4 hours on the bike. The reason it is down is because my training volume was about 7-9 hours a week in the winter as compared to my 11-14 hour in my peak season. So while testing provided me some great feedback, these is always a subjective measure that everyone just knows about them selves.

So what to work on? I would like to see my repeatability and 5min power go up another notch or two. For this it is time for hill repeats and repeatable hard efforts!

As always, ride hard

Coach Jordan

Testing so far

March 30, 2011

Yesterday I went out to do my 12sec (sprint), 1 minute and 5minute testing. Here are the results:

Sprint = 1427, up from 1379 (up 3.2%)

1 minute = 693, up from 613 (up 11.9%)

5 minute = 427, up from 417 (up2.3%)

So far so good!! Its is important to note that the tests from last year were at the end of the season and coming off from an event that i was actually training for. So this is very good encouragement as I am up so far and its the beginning of spring training. I attribute many of these numbers from two factors that I have changed during my winter training. One, I kept a fairly consistent weight training program. The three test so far have a large emphasis on shear power. The second reason is that I kept one moderate to intense workout during the winter that I traditionally did not do during the winter. (in the past I focused solely on sub threshold / tempo work as interval)


There are two pieces from the testing though that I must focus on from the testing. One, is that 3:55 into the 5:00 minute test, My average power was about 442 watts. It fell dramatically in the last minute. I don’t feel this was a pacing issue though. I could feel the lactic acid really set in and start to sap my leg power. I attribute this to having no anaerobic effort repeats in the legs. If I were to have done sets of 4-8 reps at 5 mins hard, I am sure I can have this power up to 440-450 watts. Next, was that I am unsure if I could produce these numbers after say 2-3 hours in the saddle. This is key to being able to do well in road races.

So in Summary: testing is going very well and my altered training methods have produced some great numbers so far. I will need to work on going to anaerobic repeats (5-8min very hard efforts) and doing these repeats after some longer rides.

Next is the aerobic coupling test and the repeatability test. After completion of these, there will be more analysis!

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