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July 3, 2011

Wow it really has been a while since a new post was written here, time to get back on track.

I would like to discuss what I recommend for supplementation. Very very few people I know really have a perfect diet. When you consider the human body does not perfectly absorb everything put into it; there can be huge deficiencies in nutrients by the time it has reached every part of your body. This is why I feel it is so important to supplement your diet.

Just like training volume, type and all the other variables. Supplementation is something that is specific to each athlete. Here is a general recommendation I have found works for a wide variety of endurance athletes.

General Multi-vitamin – One of my favorites is centrum performance. It has many of the basics that an athlete or harder working person may need. Try to pick a multi-vitamin that is also very high in all the B-vitamins. B-vitamins are very important for energy metabolism and production. A multi-vitamin is always a good insurance policy for most any athlete.

Amino-acids – By definition a workout in any form is going to break down muscle to varying amounts. The harder the workout, the more the break down. I have found 2 products by hammer nutrition to be very good. These are endurance amino and mito caps. By having specific amino acids introduced to the body, you greater the chance for a more complete recovery between hard workouts.

Iron – This is a very tricky one. I know I my self always do better under higher training loads with a minor amount for iron being supplemented. I would encourage lots of discretion if choosing to supplement with iron. Iron can help your cells from being anemic and encouraging red blood cell health. Again, use this with discretion.

Electrolytes – I include electrolytes as supplementation because you need electrolyte stores to even start physical activity. I know lots of people who take salt during a ride, but there are other elements that contribute and can be supplemented during your daily diet. In particular, calcium and potassium are needed for muscle and nerve function. These can sometimes to be included in a daily multi-vitamin. If possible try to find one that does. I break up some calcium in my gatorade mix to take with me on the bike when I am going for longer and harder rides.

Race day specific – on race day I use some special supplements, here is a brief list:

Caffeine – multiple studies have found many different advantages for caffeine in athletic performance, don’t go crazy though!

Phosphates – Most popular sodium phosphate to help with electrolytes and phosphates for creatine phosphate production. This is found in Hammer nutrition’s Race day boost.

Lactate pills – these help to flood the system with lactate that helps with lactic acid buffering. Lactate is the compound to absorb hydrogen ions that produce the burning sensation. By flooding the system with lactate, you can delay and reduce the amount of burning under heavy load.

A special shout out – I also highly endorse the use of Optygen. the effects have been debated, but I believe in it. It uses a herb extract that helps to bind oxygen to heme in the red blood cell.

In review, here is what I take:


Ride Hard,

Coach Jordan.


My take on nutrition.

May 6, 2011

While I may talk frequently about how to improve your training through better performance, there is still another piece of the puzzle. This other piece of the puzzle is nutrition. Here is a brief about what I do for better performance on the bike. Keep in mind, these tips are for all endurance athletes not just cyclist.

I am not into any crazy diet or adherence to a specific set of rules. My outlook on nutrition is a very balanced and whole out look on nutrition. The basics concepts that guide me are three fold; glycemic index, the concept of calories in should be equal or at a slight deficit to calories out and whole grain non processed foods. Lets sort through these a bit more.

Glycemic index is the measure of how readily sugar burns in the human body. A food high on the scale is basic sugar or frighteningly high fructose corn syrup is even higher on the scale. A sudden dump of sugar is met by a greater dump in insulin. This huge dump in insulin will cause a post sugar crash and if done repeatedly can lead to type 2 diabetes. From an endurance athlete standpoint, you don’t ever want your body crashing. Recovery is a 24 hour a day process and needs to be supported as such. keeping to more complex carbs in grains and vegetables will produce a much more desirable effect on blood sugar through out the day.

Next is the rule that calories in should equal or be less than calories out. Your body is a simple mathematical formula for your body weight. If more calories are consumed than burned, weight will go up. If the opposite happens weight will go down. By eating as many or fewer calories a day you are able to keep a lean efficient body composition. just remember that some fat in the body is only extra mass that has to be carried up a hill or over a distance. Two words of warning though, you need some fat to be able to maintain healthy regular bodily processes. Also keep in mind the article I wrote HERE about how much caloric restriction should happen.

Last is trying to eat foods that are whole and the least processed. An interesting read is the Neanderthal diet. What I like most about this work is that it makes the point that humans ate fresh from land for all of history except till the last 100 years or so. My general rule is that if a food has a label with an item you can’t pronounce or figure out what it is, don’t eat it. This concept also goes with my first point about staying away from overly complex carbohydrates.

A few other rules I try to follow:

-east 5-6 times a day

-limit alcohol to 2-3 drinks per week at most

-try not to eat past 7pm if at all possible.

While there are books about sports nutrition, I feel these are basic rules and concepts that simplify what is out there. I have found adhering to these rules as mostly steered me in the right direction.

As always,

Ride hard – Coach Jordan

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