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A slightly new direction for Achieve Coaching!

June 9, 2011

It is very obvious that as the owner and operator of achieve coaching, that I am very interested in cycling. My full time day job is cycling related, and this my part time venture is heavily focused around the cycling community. I do have some background in other sports as well. I have eluded to my days as a swimmer and runner, but those references are pretty few and far between.

I would like to reach out to a broader audience and be known to help more than just cyclists alone. So I am putting my hat into Triathlon. Triathlon is a sport that has a much more broad audience then cycling racing or events do alone. I have set one of my goals to be a sprint distance triathlon in august.

Rest assured, I still have my biggest allegiance to cycling!

But for those of you who follow the blog, I will be making some more focused articles for those who also run and swim. I hope you all enjoy a broader content and invite others to take a look at this blog.

Keep in mind, if you like what you see, tell others about it. I hope that my expansion of sports will help more to enjoy and find a resource for quality content!

Ride Hard

Coach Jordan


So how did the big event go?

June 8, 2011

I just had my big event! It was great getting back into the Pro 1/2 field mixing it up with north carolinas finest. The state championship course was great and the event was ran very well.

I had a pack finish and felt great during the whole race.

It is critical to take a moment and highlight what went well during the race to truly learn from the event. After a big race or event, what you learn from it is just as critical as the result that was during the event. Its impossible to note explain every case, but here is an example of what I thought of my race.

DAY: Started of cool, got very warm during the end of the race. I felt much better during the beginning part and started to feel a bit fatigued in the higher heat.

Stats: 80 miles, 26.1 mph avg. 28 / 42 placing. power = not races with power tap, heart rate = raced with out data.

Nutrition: Great, ate often and early on helping me feel good towards the end of the race. I did not finish the race hungry, so that indicates I was eating well during the event. I hydrated with electrolyte / glucose drink during the entire race and did feel any cramping due to electrolyte imbalance. Over all went very well. I did miss some bottle hand offs and had to take drink from other racers.

Strategy: It played out the way I thought it would. I was a team of one so my ability to impart control over the race was minimal to non-existant. I tried to get in the early break, but was counter attacked and missed the early break that was eventually chased back. I did make a solo effort mid race, but no one else went with me. I knew that I could not stay away solo… I was mis-placed at the end of the race. I was thinking to try a late solo flyer, but was caught at the back. I should have moved up when the field was strewn out ¬†about 6 miles earlier.

Mental state: I was excited and felt good the whole race. I kept reminding myself to stay focused, keep shifting, and keep good placing. Overall the mental aspect stayed very good during the whole of the race.

What to do better next: Pack Placing, and taking hand offs for nutrition.

The above list I feel are the basics that every racer or rider should check through after a big event. It is during the events with the greatest expectations that you learn the most. Again there is no one way to discuss a post race analysis. But I do encourage every one to at least reflect on the race and take a lesson from it.

Ride Hard

Coach Jordan

Alright, I have to work out, What do I do?

May 11, 2011

This is a question I know I even have sometimes. Despite having clearly defined goals for myself, a huge knowledge base of what I am good and bad at. It still happens from time to time. There are two ways to prevent this.

1) If you don’t have a coach deciding for you on a daily basis of what to do, then it requires just a minute or two of thought. It always best to work on your weaknesses. If you are not a very good hill climber then do hills. If you need to work on the amount of time you can maintain a hard pace, then it is time to do a long hard effort.

Another alternative is I see many people will do multiple hard days. After 2 to 3 days of doing different intervals, they have run out of ideas for intervals. In this instance, if you have been going for a few days hard, you need to go easy. Going easy will help your body rest and recover. You don’t have to make every work out hard! Giving your body time to rest and heal is when you make improvements.

2) Hire a coach, this is pretty simple and straight forward it is my job to make this never happen for you. This is the best option if you are frequently having this type of problem.

I know the above solutions seem a bit obvious, but I am surprised by how many times I have seen people get there gear on, put there running shoes or cycling shoes on, start going, and have no idea what to do. Often times this leads to a workout lasting a moderate amount of time and just going hard. This is the dreaded zone 3 burnout if it happens to often.

The next time you start your training session with no real idea, just go work on your weakness. This will almost always result in much more quality workout.

As always, Ride hard!

Coach Jordan

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