Some thoughts on the tour…

The 2011 Tour De France is now in the books and what a spectacle it was. It has been a long time since there was a tour as exciting and enthralling as the 2011 edition. Evans wore yellow on the last day, but there is not better day to wear yellow than the last day. I watched to the tour daily and was on the edge of my seat for most of the 3403.5K. 

Evans finally showed what persistence and hard-work finally does. I have been following Evans ever since he was a mountain biker many may years ago. I recently saw an old picture of him that even when I got in to the sport, my bike was more advanced then his. It was an apollo aluminum hard tail frame with a Judy TT fork. Evans in both man and machine are vastly different from this image captured years ago. 

I learned 3 things that I hope to point out:

1) Don’t classify your self as a certain type of rider. Evans was a great all rounder in this years Tour. He was able to climb, time trial, and plan his way to victory. While most of us will hardly ever do a 21 day stage race, there is some merit to doing everything well. Even in a one day race, the terrain, conditions, other riders may make you have to address your weakness. For instance, if  you “aren’t a time trialist” what will you do when you have to bridge a gap in a road race or criterium? This same logic could also be played out during a road race with one big climb in it. Address your weakness, after all if Andy Schleck had won the tour, this would be a very different article. 

2) Be Courageous. Cyclist, runners, everyone could take a lesson as how Evans grabbed the race by its horn and did what he had to do to win the race. For two days in a row, he sat on the front of the race and did the work. He pulled and said to himself, I have to get this done. Evans never quit and had the courage to keep riding hard to the last pedal stroke of the time trial. 

3) While we all focus on this seasons, or maybe next weeks races; sometimes you need to plan for the future. No one ever suspected that a kid named Cadel Evans would possibly win the Tour De France. He went around the mountain bike circuit riding his bike. It was only in the past few years his name was ever talked with being one of the greats. Year over Year, mile after mile built up in Cadel’s legs to bring him the yellow jersey. 

While you can hash out the tactics from the day to day flow of the tour, these three things really stood above for me. 

Vive Le Tour!!!

Ride hard

Coach Jordan


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