That hard ride….

Last sunday I went for a longer ride than I normally have been doing lately. I set out to get about 3-4 hours on the bike. I had a plan for a ride to work on some threshold paced stuff during the later parts of the ride. I was shooting for some 5-10 min intervals at least 2-3 hours in to the ride. The short story was I completed the workout, the long story is below.

First there is a time and a place for when doing intervals in a more fatigued state. Just look at the tour de france right now. How many times do the riders save almost all of there effort for later into the ride? By my counter it is nearly every day. The training benefit is to teach your body to cope with large efforts in a fatigued state. This may help you run the last mile hard in a half marathon, conquer the hill in the century ride, or be able to blast past your friends or rivals in the local race or group ride.  This type of work out not only teaches the body, but also the mind.

It has been a while since I have done some quality hard miles  after 2+ hours. This past sunday was the first time back at it. I almost had forgotten how much of a mental game a workout like this can be. My legs were protesting and my body was telling me it was time to relax. The trick is to know that you can push past this point. Jens voigt has been quoted talking to his legs: “Shut legs and do what I tell you to do.” You more or less need to take the same approach during your training. This past sunday I told my legs to shut up, and I finished the ride by taking a long hard pull.

The mental aspect to meeting a goal is huge! Not only does saving the hard stuff for later in the ride help your body adapt. This type of training also helps you to realize that when the pace is high or challenging you to can push past it.

I know this seams to be a bit of “well no kidding” But to know that you can do it during your goal event or race, you need to do it in training first. Remember how it feels, remember the pain, remember how you can cope with it. This element is critical to pre-race or event visualization. Recall these feelings as you are getting ready for a race. I have seen several athletes, just say I know this is going to hurt. You need to push past it, you need to push yourself into the deep pain.

Just remember what Jens voigt said “Shut up legs and do what I tell you”

Ride Hard

Coach Jordan.

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