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Cool new training log.

February 28, 2011

Training logs are a great resource to track information from year to year. I have recently found this one by athlete forward. It is a very comprehensive online training log that supports runners, cyclist, gym goers and many more. Check it out and start a training log today.


Later this week will come a posting about nutrition for weight loss.

Coach Jordan


Winter time cycling work out.

February 17, 2011

In a two for one day today, here is a recommendation for when you get a nice day here in late winter or early spring. The intent of this work out is to build aerobic / muscular endurance. During this type of work out it is critical to be maintaing the prescribed zones.

15 warm up zone 1 (RPE of 3 to 4)

alternate 20mins at zone 2 (RPE of 4 to 5) and 20mins of zone 3 (RPE of 5 to 6).

After each zone 3 20min effort do 5mins at low cadence of 60 to 65 rpm’s in a bigger gear.

repeat this for the entire ride duration. I have done this for periods of 2 to 3 hours.


An interesting read yet again

February 17, 2011

As many of you know, I really like the posts from In this recent post the author writes about a transformation from a stage racer to a sprinter. Read the article, there is far more here than just how to sprint.

How to be a better sprinter

Ride Hard

Coach Jordan


A ride in California, when planning meats success!

February 15, 2011

I am out in california being educated about bikes this week. Specialized is putting on quite a show and treating us guests to a week of nothing but awesome bike talk and rides.

I am out here for the rides though and to test myself a bit. The riding is amazingly scenic and perhaps some of the best I have done to date. Today we did a short ride of about an hour or so. The group was kept very controlled but we were given the opportunity to open it up a few times. One time in particular was a shallow 2.5 mile climb. Needless to say I was chomping at the bit.

The outcome? thats to come! but this posting is about how coaching got me to the end result. I have to be my own coach sometimes and I have to turn the tables on myself on a daily basis to plan my rides and make goals along the way.

This winter I am doing something a bit different. For those whom I coach you probably have seen this to. This winter I am doing a bit more early threshold development work. This development has been in the form of steady state training. This zone is defined by being 83-90% threshold power or 92-95% threshold heart rate. While the science of this zone is a bit complex, it works on threshold development. In addition to this threshold development, I have been using periodic doses of maximal interval training. These efforts are a 30sec to 2min long and are typical interval sessions.

The idea to split form the my usual in the past of long steady distance (LSD) rides is two fold. One, I just don’t have the time or mental stamina like the season I was doing 15 hour weeks on a trainer. With work, coaching and much more, I seem to be setting in at 8 to 12 hour weeks. Another is I wanted to be able to show up for some early season challenges with a bit more high-end ability and just not be the guy who can pull for 3 hours at a moderate pace. This would probably lend itself to more motivation and reward for the work I have been doing.

So how is this bid paying off? Very well! The climb today was fast and I was able to put in a few good turns of speed. I climbed with the top three guys and gave them a challenge all the way to the top. I did get redlined, but it was much less painful then I remember other spring rides like this being. I felt great! It was a real confidence booster. This has given me the drive to get this week done an return home for a serious 6 weeks of training before my next small target.

While I know I still need to get in some longer rides of 3 hour plus; I would say my training thus far is putting me exactly where I want to be.  Do I still have further to go? You bet!! But my new tactic seems to be paying off. I would recommend anyone whom has done the LSD rides in the past to introduce some of what I mentioned above into their training. While I am not a fan of interval work only like some plans. I would say a hybrid of the traditional model of LSD rides and interval work seems to be working.

Ride hard

Coach Jordan

Organizing weekly training

February 3, 2011

Organizing your week of training can be a challenge for all people. I know even myself I must struggle with finding the time to do a workout during my week. Between sleeping, eating, work, working on coaching, and various other things; my time to train to can be hard to organize. I am going to give a clue to how I organize my training every week.

One thing to keep in mind is that all workouts can be moved around. Even if you are one of my clients, and I say to do a particular workout on a particular day, it is still moveable. The only trick is to try and space out hard or length work outs. For instance, I try not to pair a 5 hour day with intervals the next two days straight. Instead I try to give the 5 hour day at least 2 days before or after any interval work out. I frequently use easy days (at least one per week) and days off the bike (again one per week), to try and space work outs apart.

My process is to first look at my work schedule and my training schedule. Any days off I have will automatically be a day for a longer ride. If I have two days off paired, I will do two longer rides. Contrary to what I said above, sometimes you have to adapt. If I have two long days, I will give a day off, an easy day, and a skills day before I do any significant work out. If you must go two days hard, be sure to pair it with at least 2 or 3 days before any interval work. For most people whom have the weekends off saturday and sunday will give some variation of a long day and a moderate distance higher intensity work out. If your days off are spread apart, this is easier to plan around. You can do your two hardest days (long day, and moderate distance / high intensity) as separated as possible.

The next piece of information I look out for is weather. If one day is going to be really nice, and a few crappy days. I will be sure to try and get the highest quality work out I can during the nice day. On rainy or nasty weather days my motivation is down, so I tend not to be as enthusiastic about my workouts.

There are handful of other variables that will play in to my decision about what work outs I do when. These variables are many and are frequently a unique situation from week to week. Sometimes this will force me to have to do a long or hard day on a day of bad weather. If this is the case, this is where being steadfast to your goals helps to drive you get the work out done.

There are other tricks I will use to help get the workouts in. Often this is in the form of getting up and getting the work out done as soon as possible. The early bird catches the work right? Try getting up a hour earlier (also going to bed an hour sooner) to get your work out in. If you are especially pressed for time, try getting in a higher intensity but short work out. I have included a list of these here. (under short hard work out ideas)

Sometimes if you are just to busy during a week, some work outs just can’t be done. In this case treat the week as a rest week. Try to carve a bit more time out for next week, and do a little extra. This is a good example of rest followed by over reaching. Over reaching is what activates the mechanisms in our body to come back better than ever. Just be sure you follow a harder week again with a bit of an easier week to allow your body recovery.

Sometimes, getting workouts in means being creative. I have read about all sorts of solutions. Sometimes the best  best way to figure out if you can get more in, or how, is to add up all your hours of activities. Subtract this from 168 (amount of hours in a week) and this can be a useful tool to understand just how much time you have to train. Use your time on a bike for commuting, jog to the local supermarket, maybe use a less than ideal pool to get your swim in. These are all little things that can help squeeze some time in to your training week.

As always, Ride hard

Coach Jordan

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