Interpreting Goals

This is the second installment to setting goals (sorry about the long wait in posting…)

So you have been putting lots of thought into your goal for the next season, year or event. Now comes the hard part, planning on how to execute the goal.

This is where lots of athletes start to have a problem. They say they want to go out and do “x” The problem is you now have a date, but how do you get the right fitness or procedure to arrive at your goal in top form. I have seen one or two athletes that say they want to be able to ride a century in the mountains. The athletes are all about it, they ride hard an hour or two every day. They get to the century and all the sudden they realize the climbs are hard and by hour 3 or 4 they are fatigued. This is a case of not matching the training to the intended goal.

To help solve this issue it is ideal to break down the goal event in a number of ways. These type of ways are as follows:

Length = Time, Distance, Kilojules / Calories needed, Type of event (triathlons = sprint, olympic)

Terrain = Flat, Rolling, Mountainous, Combination

How hard will this be? = Very Hard, Easy pace, Category of race (pro, beginner etc), Lots of small hard efforts, long effort

How will you know if your doing well? = Pacing, Obtaining splits, known pace needed, Unknown pace, Current placing

Type of Event = Solo, Team, Mass start race

special Features = Short hard climb, Windy Section, Narrow Spot in Course, Long Climb

These are all things to help quantify your Goal. By Breaking down your goal into these categories it will help you better understand how to better prepare for the event.

Lets look at an example. I will use the Assualt on Mount Mitchell to illustrate how the break down above can help you to prepare for a goal event.

The Assualt on Mount Mitchel (AMM) is 102 Mile Long and will require about 5,000 Kj’s of energy. The terrain is mostly rolling to flat at first and will of course end on a 2 hour-long climb up to the finish (the end 2 hours will require 1,800 KJ’s) I am expecting this event to be hard because the leaders will ride at a pretty good tempo pace for the first three hours. Once at the bottom the pace will be upped more and more untill there is only a select few that will battle it out to the end. I will know if I am doing well by either making it to the top with the leaders or not. The event type is a mass start Road Race. And the only special feature know to me will be the final climb on Mitchell.

By breaking it down above, Like I have this gives some very specific training goals. So the ideal training will prepare me to do the following. Being able to ride for 5 hours straight. The first three hours will be at a tempo pace. The remaining 2 hours must expend 1800 Kj’s and be done at a pace at or near threshold pace. Also I must be able to launch a few hard efforts to maybe stay with a surging group effort.

This gives a very clear training goal to work up to. But there is one more break down of this goal that must happen to really and fully understand this goal.

Of course that will follow next week. (I promise)

Ride Hard!

Coach Jordan


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