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Welcome and lets talk about motivation!

April 21, 2010


This blog is a way to help you understand a bit more about what I do. Every so often I intend on leaving articles, comments thoughts, anecdotes and more to help you achieve your own success.

Here is this weeks entry:

This go around, I want to talk about motivation.

Motivation is a very popular topic there seems to be lots about. Sometimes I feel though it is treated to generally. I want to share a personal anecdote about my motivation right now.

With my current job, and what seems to be the way my next few years will play out; I have no time ti race or even contemplate it on the weekends. This has been a big blow to me going from playing with the likes or garmin-chipotle and Bissel to racing against no one. I have been putting in at least 200 and even some occasional 350 mile weeks. I have really had to find a new motivation to keep riding and doing the 6:30am group ride 2 days a week. Commonly Motivation is followed by the setting of a goal. It has been interesting for me to set goals that no longer seem to have firm dates, or competitions. My goals now instead are to be putting myself in the best position possible to capitalize when time allows for a race or event. I have found solace in knowing that every pedal stroke is making me a better person and puts me one pedal stroke further to getting to my goal that may be still a year or two away. It is hard for me some times to get out and do my 4 hour monday ride when I know I can skip it and it won’t make a difference. But I know in the back of my head its only a slippery slope to decreasing fitness. Every day I make a list of things to be done. Its nice to check off a list and look at what you may have accomplished. So how might this apply to your every day? I know time is the commodity we all need more of and I still am not sure how some of you guys do it with family and so much more. But to help you through the work out make a list in your head or on the bike and check off each little detail of the ride. Don’t look at 10x 1:00 intervals as 10. Look at them as I hav this 1:00 interval and I will get it done, then move on to the next one.

Also, When I started off this adventure with you all I said this needs to remain fun and not become something that I do because my coach tells me to do. Why do you ride the bike? I still giggle sometime when I tear through a corner and instantly burst out of the saddle exiting the corner. Its the little things like that I can 1,2,3,4 or 5 hours into a ride that remind me why I still have the motivation to ride the bike. The next time your thinking this interval sucks. Stop and ask why does it? Its making you a better athlete, a better person, and you doing something 99.99% of the population can’t do. For me that feeling of this is hard is the reason to celebrate cycling.

So to paraphrase the next you need some motivation during a race or work out. Break it down, make the goal smaller. Also take happiness in just the small little things during the ride that reminds you why you are cyclist.

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April 21, 2010

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